Yahoo! Mail Shortcuts

images Shortcuts

Check Mail – m
Check All Mail – Shift+m
Close Current Tab – Ctrl+\
New Message – n
New Message in its own window – Shift+n
Reply – r
Reply in a new window – Shift+r
Reply All – a
Reply All in a new window – Shift+a
Forward message – f
Forward in a new window – Shift+f
Mark As Read – k
Mark As Unread – Shift+k
Flag – l
Clear Flag – Shift+l
Delete Item – Delete” key
Print – Ctrl+p – or just p
Save Draft – Ctrl+s
Send Message – Ctrl+Enter (Alt+s also supported)
Turn Reading Pane on and off – v
Navigate through tabs—right to left motion – Ctrl+[
Navigate through tabs—left to right motion - Ctrl+]
Open message in its own tab – Enter
Edit contact info – Enter
Find a word or phrase in a message – Ctrl+f
Expand window to maximum height – F11
Skip to oldest unread message – Ctrl+Shift+End
Move message to a folder – d
Close read-message tab – Esc
Start a new chat – Ctrl+Shift+c or c

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