Verify your IMEI number

You IMEI number will be displayed on the screen..

Type *#06# on ur mobile, Let say For eg, this is you IMEI number

See the digit 7th and 8th only!!
digit seven and eight 02 or 20->>assembly on emirates
digit seven and eight 08 or 80->>manufactured in germany
digit seven and eight 01 or 10->>manufactured in finland
digit seven and eight 00->>manufactured in original factory ( The Best Quality)
digit seven and eight 13->>assemble on azerbaijan

Others??? I dont know. So Before you Go and buy an Handphone. Make Sure you check the International Mobile Equipment Identity ( IMEI). My suggestion is go and buy handphone from certified Hanphone distributor. I know the price must be different,think about the quality.

Register here and check ur mobile

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