How to choose a cell phone

How to choose a cell phone

Today, cell phones have become very popular tech devices to be constantly in touch anytime, anywhere. They can not only talk, but to send and receive e-mails and even “travel” over the vast expanses of the Internet. In our recommendations, we will try to identify the key points of selecting a cell phone, in order to make the right choices that will not disappoint you.

Cell phone is more than a tool of communication. They easily can: synchronize data with your PC, dial by voice, to view news feeds from the Internet, take pictures, fun games, send text messages, listen to music, etc.Still, choosing a cell phone, you must first select a cellular operator: consider the rate plans, coverage area, additional services. So making a choice among an infinite number of sentences cell phones do not forget about it.

Key moments of choice cell phone

Select design cell phone

Choosing a cell phone design is from what! Then you will phone in a “clamshell”, various “sliders” phones “tube” standard rectangular shape of different styles and combinations. Although it is worth noting that in choosing design, think about functionality. For example, the standard “clamshell” is not convenient if you have a busy one hand (when driving a car, etc.), cell phones with an open call for pressing the keyboard shortcut to lock against accidental pressing. Also, when choosing a cell phone, pay special attention to its ergonomics, ie how convenient to keep it in your hand, press a button keyboard, the phone pressed to his ear with his shoulder.Check availability of additional devices connected to a cellular phone and are able to free his hands during a call: headphones, headset Bluetooth.

Size and weight of a cell phone

Revolutionary change in these two parameters have helped to cell phone really become mobile. Most cell phones weigh about 100 grams., A length of 10 cm, width – 5 cm and a thickness of less than 2 cm All of these values is greater for the cell phone more. The exceptions are the communicators and pocket PCs PDAs (PDA) with the functions of cellular communication.

Battery Cell Phone

Modern phones require not less than 3 hours of use the battery in the “conversation” and 3 – 6 days in the “waiting”. Some models are able to remain in “waiting” to 14 days. But keep in mind that the stronger the signal the cellular operator, so long enough to charge the battery. Depending on your chosen model of time recharging the battery can be 1 hour or more. Choosing a cell phone, pay attention to the possibility of installing a more powerful battery and an optional adapter for charging the phone in the car.

Selection screen cell phone

If you intend to use the phone to dial and send text messages, then choose a phone with a large screen, accommodating not less than 6 rows. There are models of phones capable to programmatically adjust the size of fonts, but if you work with the text takes you most of the time, it is best to choose the communicator, or PDA (PDA) with GSM, because functionality of the texts of these devices is much higher. The brightness and contrast of the LCD (LCD) screens of cell phones are also important. After the image quality in bright sunlight should allow comfortable perceive textual and graphical information from the screen of your cell phone.


If you can not deal with the appointment of key cell phone without a user guide for several minutes, you probably will not choose “their” model. The format of the keyboard and menu system should be intuitive, the buttons need to press easily, without special effort. Choosing a cell phone, note that the presence of the joystick in some models of cell phones makes it easy to navigate through the menus and buttons protruding much more convenient to use than a flat keyboard.

Some models of mobile phones, communicators and PDAs (PDA) with cellular function have a small QWERTY keyboard that is more convenient to enter text, but your final choice in favor of such models may affect the small size of the buttons and the high cost of the device.

Voice control and organizer and other functions of cell phones

Modern mobile phones are just spoon fed various additional functions. This voice control functions of the phone recording, phone book, the event log, speed dial numbers and much more. Some additional features and services may be available only if they provide cellular operator (such as Caller ID, call forwarding, voicemail, etc.). Many cell phones have additional security features, such as: block incoming and outgoing messages, key lock, password protection of data stored in the phone, the massive data deletion when unauthorized access, etc. Note and additional photo / audio capabilities of modern mobile handsets – the presence of the camera, FM radio, voice recorder, MP3 player.

If you want during a call to have a free hand, then choose the cell phone with headphones. And in case no desire to ever get mixed up in the wires, then with the function of Bluetooth, to connect a wireless headset.

Working with external data

Almost all new cell phones are able to process external data, such as sending and receiving e-mail, download different ring tones, ring tones, images, java games, Internet access via a special Services. While such opportunities are heavily dependent on your service provider and on your choice of a cell phone. However, it is worth noting that the rate intrnet connections in GSM networks is considerably inferior to wired channels. For example popular GPRS connection has a maximum speed of 115 Kbps, which of course is not enough.However, in recent years are beginning to be implemented 3G networks, providing the data transfer rate up to 2 Mbps, which will greatly expand the functionality of cell phones in the near future.

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