Tracking of lost laptops made easier with new tech

Quick Heal, an Internet security tools provider, has introduced a new technology called Laptop Tracker that helps to track and recover lost laptops. The technology works on the premise that every laptop or PC has a Media Access Control ID (MAC ID) – the physical address of the device. When the stolen devices are connected to the Internet, its IP location can be found using the physical address number.

To use the services of the Laptop Tracker technology, one needs to register into its website known as All one needs to do there is key in the physical address number of the laptop or PC.

The solution from the Pune-based company is open for everyone. However those of who are using its anti-virus solution do not have to fill the MAC IDs. The technology would help the cyber crime departments and law enforcement departments of the country and the company is in talks with them to deploy the technology.

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