Acumens Team work

Imagine getting the first break in business while studying, where your goal is not making money but enhancing your skills. Just think you hit jackpot.

The start-up plans of Sudhakar Arjunan (23) and N. Kalyanaraman (22) took wing when they were studying Information Technology at Vel Tech Engineering College. In their second year, the duo started the ‘IT Acumens Community’ to later launch IT Acumens, where they undertook web projects for classmates and college events.

Top–>> from left to right [ Sajiv,Dwarakesh,velu, dhilip and bala ]
Bottom–>> from left to right [ kalyan and Sudhakar ]

Knowing their skills, a librarian asked them to design a library management system. That became a hit and was later hosted by the college. “The Chairman of the college gifted us Rs. 10,000 – our first salary-cum-gift,” they recall.

Soon, offers started pouring in from other institutions, too. The success of IT Acumens was huge; they completed designing 20 such projects before their graduation (that is, juggling work and college). So much so that Sudhakar even decided to drop the job offer he got through campus placement.

The down-to-earth boys do not call themselves entrepreneurs as they think they need to be a better “performing company”, though they have gone through all that a start-up faces in their last two years. “We started functioning from Kalyan’s home,” recalls Sudhakar, saying how the entrance where footwear was left behind was converted into an office – a 100 sq ft space to be specific.

Today, it’s is a different growth story. They have 15 employees working for the company, spread over an area of 1,200 sq ft in Ashok Nagar. “Every quarter we make a turnover of Rs. 5 lakh through our various projects,” says Sudhakar, adding, “We have a customer base of 1,500 people.”

Hosting the website hasn’t been a cakewalk, either. “It required high bandwidth and overload. So we purchased a shared server,” they say. “Winning the trust of our customers was another difficult task,” says Kalyan.

IT Acumens, according to them, is a ray of hope for freshers, those swindled of their money in the name of a job and for all those who want to “learn, share and leave after getting hands-on experience.”

With over 25,000 resumes in their database, 16,000 new visitors and 7,900 registrations, there seems to be no stopping. The duo has launched their second start-up, MobiDrive, which is a short code SMS service.





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