Electric car



In order to classify the Twizy into a class of vehicles, Renault had to come with an all-new term — an Unidentified Driving Object (UDO). The Twizy looks as though it has endured warp speed, with all excess sheared off. The windscreen is raked steeply, the windowless rear section emphasises the narrowness of the cabin, and the high-set tail lamp makes it look taller than it is. It looks as though the pod is bonded to a black cart, its skinny 13-inch wheels jutting outward for stability’s sake.

The motorcycle-style tandem seating drew some unsure glances from curious bystanders, but the optional panoramic sunroof brought big grins, as did the car-like dash and steering wheel. But the second those plastic doors scissored open, there was a new wave of appreciation for the Twizy.

Underneath that funky facade, the Twizy is sensibly minimal; this is why the ‘vanity’ doors are an option. If doors were standard, customers would expect windows, and hence the Twizy would need de-fogging equipment, and then not having air-conditioning would seem completely absurd. All this would bring the Twizy right into proper car territory, and dealing with the disadvantages of added weight and reduced range would hurt its appeal.

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